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Hormone Balance

For Men and Women

Both men and women can experience hormonal imbalances that can lead to weight fluctuations, sexual dysfunction, chronic fatigue, and so much more. If you’re struggling with hormonal issues, schedule an evaluation at ONYX. The medical team can run labs to evaluate you and get you started on a personalized course of treatment. 

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms 

The symptoms you experience with hormone imbalances vary depending on which hormone is affected. Among depletions of thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone hormones, to name a few, you may experience:

  • Poor memory

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Weight gain

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Thinning hair

  • Chronic headaches

  • Decreased muscle mass

If you start feeling like something in your body is off, or if you know your hormones are imbalanced, the dedicated team of medical experts at ONYX can help. The team performs a comprehensive evaluation, runs any essential labs, and discusses your symptoms and personal medical history with you, in an effort to design your personalized hormone balance plan.

What causes a hormone imbalance?

Hormones are natural chemicals that are responsible for running just about every process in your body. Proper hormone balance is essential for vitality and living a long, healthy life. But among any of the following issues, your hormones can become imbalanced:

  • Environmental toxins

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Weight gain

  • Effects of aging

  • Genetic factors

  • Poor diet

Hormone imbalances can also stem from poor adrenal gland function. Your adrenal gland controls much of your hormone production, so if chronic stress, poor diet, or lack of exercise start affecting you daily, cortisol levels start to plummet. This can lead to slowed metabolism, increased inflammation, and uncontrollable blood sugar levels.

How can I balance my hormone levels?

Proper hormone balance involves making lifestyle changes and taking supplements to restore hormone production, balance, and function. Your hormone balance treatment plan from ONYX may include:

  • Clinical-grade dietary supplements

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Weight loss planning

  • Dietary counseling

  • Exercise planning

Because a hormone balance plan is tailored to you specifically, you can expect effective results.  It takes time for you to start experiencing relief from symptoms after starting your hormone balance treatment plan, but in most cases, you should begin noticing an improvement in as little as two to three weeks. 

Schedule your hormone balance consultation at ONYX today. 

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Hormone Optimization
with BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Repalcement Pellet Therapy

For Men and Women

What is the BioTe Methodology?

Our providers at ONYX are Bio-Te methodology certified, which means we optimize the whole you taking into account your body surface area, thyroid function, cholesterol, Vitamin B12 & D levels, your lifestyle and many other factors.  All of these items combined plus the knowledge of our medical professionals go into optimizing the better you.


What Is bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may balance hormones. Our studies show that patients may see the effects of hormone optimization four weeks after a pellet insertion. After insertion, a consistent dose of bioidentical hormones enters the bloodstream and may begin to balance hormones. BHRT is customized to the patient’s unique physiology and will work toward establishing a state of hormone balance within their body. We understand that one patient can make a difference, which is why our certified BioTE providers tailor every hormone optimization treatment, ensuring each patient has the greatest chance of success in achieving hormonal balance. Furthermore, BioTE’s method of hormone optimization uses pellet therapy, which mimics the hormones already present within the body.

How can I get started with BHRT?

Based on a comprehensive consultation and extensive lab work, our providers will determine candidacy through the BioTE method. Patients will schedule a quick follow-up appointment to review their results and for pellet therapy insertion.

What can a patient expect from BHRT?

As each patient’s symptoms are unique, so is each patient’s path to hormone optimization. Some patients report symptom relief in as little as four weeks, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months. The BioTE method of hormone optimization therapy will be customized to balance each patient’s hormones and fit their specific needs.

Schedule your hormone balance consultation at ONYX today. 

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Weight Management

If you’re finally ready to shed unwanted pounds and start slimming down, you can get the personalized support you need at ONYX. 

Our providers use a Mediterranean diet with a “Keto“ emphasis.  We use phentermine as an adjunct to treatment, but it’s not required for success. We focus on optimizing a patient’s metabolism to take advantage of basic physiology to maximize fat loss. We never want to lose muscle at the expense of losing weight.

Schedule your weight loss consultation at ONYX today.